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About Punta Alegre

Punta Alegre is a rather small fishing village in the northern part of Cuba. On the other hand, agriculture constitutes as the basis of urban economy. The name of the city which is built on a natural port means 'The Joyful Fly'.

The savanna climate dominates Punta Alegre. The temperature is measured around 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year. While November, December and January are the coldest times of the city, the period between April and August is the warmest time. This period is also the rainy season for the city at the same time.

It is possible to swim and sunbathe in the white sandy beaches. Along the shoreline are several beautiful beaches and special facilities. Campgrounds are also available for those who wish to camp. Punta Alegre offers a variety of water sports, especially snorkeling and fishing is very common.

A simple design church with double bell, which is the architectural symbol of the city, and which can be reached by long stairs as high as its own height, is worth seeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Punta Alegre flights are organized to Punta Alegre Airport.