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Tioman Island belongs to Malaysia and is located to the south of the country. It’s 32 km from the mainland and can be reached with taking a flight or a ferry from Pulao Tioman Aiport. The island has a tropical climate and the seasons can be separated into two categories: wet or dry. Even though it stays at an average temperature of 26-27 degrees, since the rainy season can dampen the mood, the best time to visit Tioman Island is in June and July.

Tioman Island is an important destination for divers as it is surrounded by coral reef reserves. It’s possible to find diving equipment, to rent or purchase, and organisations that offer courses or various diving tours. Certain mammal species are under protection in Tioman Island, a place that has managed to conserve its almost unspoiled wilderness. You can try spotting these protected animals, and over 100 bird species, by going on a jungle hike through the rainforest. If you walk long enough, you may find the beautiful Asah Waterfall with its small surrounding lake in the depths of the rainforest and swim in its waters. But you don’t need to look further than the crystal clear waters and long white beaches for a paradise to sunbathe and enjoy the ocean. You can visit the authentic Juara Village to get a taste of the local life on the island.

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