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About Pollenca

Pollença is on Majorca Island, which is part of the autonomous regions of the Balear Archipelago that belongs to Spain. The town, situated in the north east of the island, is built on the slopes of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and can be considered as having retained its independent tradition in comparison to the other major towns and cities of Majorca.

Most visitors’ first port of call is to make the 365 steps climb up the Calvari steps where they enjoy the stunning views and also come face to face with the entrance to a charming historic monastery from the 14th century. You can also head to the Formentor Navy Lighthouse for some more breathtaking views. It might be a good idea to rent a car or bike to help you get there.  Even if you might find that the lighthouse is not very interesting in itself, the journey there will offer some admirable sights. You can have lovely time shopping at the market set up on the main square on Sundays and browse through the local products that are on offer. Joan March Gardens are also worthy of visiting while you are in Pollença. There are, of course, many beautiful beaches in this island town. Aside from just enjoying the sun and the sea, it’s also possible to take part in activities such as canoeing or boat tours on some of the beaches.

Pollença has quite a warm climate. The temperature ​​rarely drops below 10 degrees, even in winter months, and is around 30 degrees in the summer. The summer season is dry. The most rainfall occurs in November and December and continues until spring.

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