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Poiana Brașov is a part of Brașov County on the foothills of the Carpathians, in the heart of Romania. It is a magnificent place where culture-lovers, nature-lovers and adventure-seekers can spend amazing time. Due to its reasonable prices and brilliant nature, many Europeans visit Poiana Brașov, and it welcomes the tourists who want to ski from all over the world. Poiana Brașov, which hosted the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in 2013, turns into a very green place with its calm walking opportunities for adventure-lovers after the winter. Here, you can spend a weekend, have a picnic in the nature and take pictures. Poiana Brașov ski center, a Romanian ski center, which is very close to the city center, is one of the places intensively visited by the tourists. The time when the ski center, which is suitable for every level of skier, is most busy is the period between December and April.

You can visit “Casa de la Bran”, referred as Dracula’s Castle, and take amazing pictures here. You can also explore Brasov Castle, which has a monumental characteristic, and the areas in it such as exhibition halls and museum. White and Black Towers, which are observation towers remaining from the 15th century, were initially built for defense, but today, they create a difference in the silhouette of Braşov. The towers, which can be reached from the old center with a quick walk but on a slope, offers a broad perspective of Piata Sfatului and more. Roofs covered with snow can be perfect materials for amazing photos.

In Braşov, you can find a Toy Museum exhibiting the small treasures of the childhood of the Romanians. In the museum, where you can see puppets in traditional clothes, miniatures, plush toys and tiny cars with the brand of Dacia, do not miss the characters such as Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You can visit the Council Square, one of the worth-seeing spots of Braşov, and the Black Church, which had started to be constructed at the end of the 14th century and could be completed in the 15th century. In the church, you can explore the biggest oriental carpet collection of Europe and the gorgeous Bucholz Organ. If you can travel during the summer months, you can catch the organ concerts held every week.

Junii Brașovului, which is a parade attended by young people, wearing traditional clothes, on the horses, is a local celebration held on the first Sunday after Easter. It can be a perfect opportunity to take amazing pictures and learn about the local culture. Tampa hill, which is located in the south of the city, is a region where you can witness the natural miracles around Braşov. Following your journey by telpher, you can see around and the magnificent nature.

After crossing Rope Street, which is known as the narrowest street of Europe, you will reach Rope Street Museum. Here, you will find the art works of the local artists, photos of the hidden corners of Braşov and a small, cute museum filled with handmade souvenirs. You can select special gifts for both yourself and your beloved ones. Additionally, inside the museum, you can take a break at the cafe for delicious cake, warm tea and coffee.

In Poiana Brașov, you can find the local delicacies of the Romanian cuisine. The main dishes are sarmale, cabbage rolls with rice and meat, Goulash, Hungarian veal stew, lamb stew, chicken with polenta and garlic sauce and potato soup with ham. You can have extremely filling menus with reasonable prices and large portions. The best time to travel to Poiana Brașov is every season of the year for cultural tourism and the period between April and December for skiers.

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