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About Peniche

Peniche, which is located in the Centro district of Portugal, is an important fishing port of the region from past to present. After becoming famous for its long coasts and special types of waves; it has also become a haunting point for those who loves surfing, wind curling, body boarding and kite surfing. We can say that Peniche is Europe's Hawaii for surfers, thanks to its waves of fast and powerful tubes accepted as the best ones of Europe.

The beach, where you can see these tube shaped waves, is located on the southern part of the peninsula. Especially if you visit the beach in October, you can have the chance to see the best surfers and waves in the world. If you want to have a nice day at the beach, you can choose Baleal. As a general rule, one of the bays has wave and wind, while the other one is calm. You can choose one according to your purpose.

You can watch the sunset in Cabo Carvoeiro, the lighthouse that led to sea traffic since 1790. You can visit Fortaleza de Peniche, one of the most important marine defense systems in Portugal, dating back to 1557, at the top of the cliff overlooking the harbor. You can watch the ocean from a bird’s eye view and have a good time at the museum.

Another interesting museum is the Museum Municipal de Peniche. This museum, which is one of the popular tourist spots in Peniche, was used as a political prison under the dictatorship of Salazar. Today, you can explore exhibitions in the prison and other themes in the museum, where all rooms are protected. 

The local cuisine at Peniche, which is a fishing town, is based on fresh fish and seafood. You can also find delicious examples of Mediterranean and international cuisine.

The best time to travel to Peniche, where a typical Mediterranean climate is experienced, is summer season. But if you are a surf lover, the season can be extended by November.

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