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Paynes Bay, a small Barbadian bay, is surrounded by manchineel trees and attracts the attention of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists together with its golden beach every year. The famous district called Sandy Lane, which is located in the north of Paynes Bay, sometimes called as “Platinum Coast”, has numerous luxurious rest areas and elegant eating and drinking places. Located in the west of Barbados, Paynes Bay Beach is among the leading places of the region to receive visitors. Even though the beach in Paynes Bay is crowded most of the time during the year, inner sections are calmer and offer more economic options in terms of accommodation. You can swim in the warm water of the Caribbean Sea, sunbath however long you want and visit the other coastal towns around Paynes Bay. You can rent a jet ski on Paynes Bay Beach, which is one of the most ideal points for snorkeling. Additionally, you can experience waterski and sailing.

The only thing to do to stay in Paynes Bay, which offers a wide range of accommodation opportunities, with reasonable prices is to research the hotels in advance and do online reservation. You can choose the ideal hotel appealing to your budget and taste after making a research on all the hotels, apart hotels and holiday villages that offer accommodation services in Paynes Bay. Among these, the most popular accommodation facilities are Tamarind by Elegant Hotel and Treasure Beach Hotel. Because fishing is one of the main sources of income, it is possible for you to come across restaurants offering various types of sea food inside the town. You can rent a beach chair and umbrella by paying a small amount of money per day on Paynes Bay Beach, which will mesmerize you with its turquoise water and white sand. Located in the south of Holetown, Paynes Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful places of the bay and quite ideal for snorkeling thanks to its shallow reefs and still water. For one day, you can go to the golf course called Sandy Lane Old Nine from Paynes Bay Beach, which is on the western coast of Barbados. In addition, you can have a look at the works in Folkstone Museum, which sheds light on the cultural-artistic past of the town.

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