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Paphos, also called Baf, is known as the birthplace of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. Today Paphos is made up of two separate parts, one is a commercial center, and the part called Kato Paphos is a touristic destination. It’s especially possible to find many hotels, taverns and entertainment venues in the Kato Paphos area.

Paphos, one of the rich and romantic port cities of Cyprus, is also one of the first destinations for those interested in antiquity and Greek mythology. You can make a vacation that is both peaceful and economic in Paphos where there are majestic monuments, churches, monasteries, ancient ruins and white sandy beaches. Temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius in the fall, which is most likely the best time to visit.

With charter and scheduled flights to Paphos International Airport, transportation to Paphos is getting easier. You can use the bus or take a taxi to get to the Kato Paphos area directly from the airport. It's also possible to see the Roman ruins in Paphos, home to many sites worth visiting such as Paphos Archaeological Park, King Tombs, Dionysos House and Theseus House.

Tala Village, one of the traditional villages of Paphos, and the nearby Agios Neophytos Monastery are certainly worth seeing. You might find that Episkopi Village, located about 10 km north east of Paphos city center, and the surrounding natural life, is among your favorite places in Paphos. You can reach the King's Tombs in 25 minutes on foot from Paphos Harbor, give one day to the Aphrodite Water Park and see one of the most famous of Greek amphitheaters, the Odeon. Bird-watching tours also take place in Paphos Bird Park during certain periods of the year.

The biggest shopping centers in Paphos are Orphanides, Papantoniou, Chris Cash & Carry (Carrefour) and Debenhams but there are also bazaars where you can find more local products. You can choose from several restaurants where you can taste world-class cuisine. Zaffron Restaurant or Apmenhe, with its noted  Italian cuisine, is among the most famous places to eat and drink in Paphos.

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How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Paphos?

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Paphos flights are organized to Paphos Intl. Airport.