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Pamukkale in Denizli province is a very touristy town which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to the natural travertine formations. Pamukkale, built on the ancient Hierapolis city, attracts tourists during the four seasons of the year, while the most prefer visiting the town in spring because of the mild climate. There are many spa resources in the city. The Karahayıt Village is also a thermal center attracting visitors from abroad. On the other hand, activities such as paragliding, air ballooning, trekking tours can be done in the city. All these features provide tourism to be the major source of income of the city.

Pamukkale region, which has been the settlement of many civilizations throughout the since the ancient times, is surrounded by numerous ancient cities such as Laodikeia, Hierapolis, Tripolis, Tabea. Hierapolis Ancient City is located a position that makes it easily seen by those who visit Pamukkale travertines and it be can easily visited thanks to its well-arranged walking tracks. The theater, latrina and plutonium in the ancient city of Hierapolis are especially noteworthy. The Cleopatra Antique Pool located in the same area offers a good experience to all of the visitors of Pamukkale. The pool filled with turquoise blue hot spring water and surrounded by trees and with antique remains at its base takes its visitors in a totally different world. But remember that you should not stay in the spa water for more than 15-20 minutes. The duration you should stay in the water changes according to your health and age conditions, and you have to rest for at least 10 minutes before entering again. Pamukkale Natural Park is another nice alternative to visit.

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