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About Oudenaarde

Oudenaarde is a small Belgian city located on the borders of the Flemish region of the country. Having a population of approximately 30 thousand people, the city is known for its music festivals that are organized every year. The canvas culture, which began to develop in the region by beginning from the 15th century, is still one of the most well-known activities in the city as it was in the past. Colorful canvases have an important place in the culture of the city.

The market square, town hall, old church and railway station are the main areas that can be visited in the city. When you visit Oudenaarde in June, you should definitely join its famous music festival. Those, who come to the city in February, can visit the agricultural fair and witness the importance of agriculture in the region. 

Visitors, who are interested in old cars and bicycles, can visit the museum where very interesting works are exhibited. The Liedts Castle, which looks like a fairy tale castle in a very green atmosphere, is another wonderful place to visit. If you want to see the production and storage stages of beers, you can visit the breweries in the city. In the breweries, you can listen to the story of this beverage which has a high cultural and economic value for the country. 

Thanks to its atmosphere convenient for riding a bike, it is also very enjoyable to tour around the city by using a bike. You can visit the historical places in the city center by bike or you can join a day-trip to visit the nearby towns. 

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