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Olhus de Ague means ‘eyes of the water’ and is the name of the authentic Portuguese fishing village in the Algarve. This little village is the place to enjoy watching the small fishing boats being gently drawn into the sand from the sea while eating some delicious barbequed sardines. 

As true for any place in the Algarve region, Olhus de Agua is one of the places most active in terms of tourism. The village beach is the port of the fishing boats and hunting shed and is also used for swimming. With its golden sand, clear waters and cliffed shores, Praia da Falesia beach is considered the best beach in Algarve. You can also come across fir trees and golf course along this beach that is surrounded by red sandstone and separated into small coves. The restaurants in the village have both rich international menus and affordable prices and in this way distinguish themselves from other holiday locations in the region. You can experience the historical wealth of the region by visiting historic places such as Tavira or Lagos. The queit and peaceful town is close to Vilamoura and Albufeira, where there are opportunities for shopping and active nightlife. You can see Roman Viaducts and Arabic architecture in Albufeira, and find a stylish marina with many boutique shops in Vilamoura. In fact, you can hire a boat from the marina and go on dolphin swimming excursions. Olhos de Agua has a vibrant and colourful sardine festival every year in August.

The closest airport to Olhos de Agua is the main airport of Algarve, Faro Airport. The distance between the airport and the village is 35 kilometres and there is no public transport. The only way to get from the airport to the village is by taxi or hiring a car.

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