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Odder, located within the borders of the Midtjylland region of Denmark, is a small settlement with a population of approximately 12.000 people. Located in the very center of the country, Odder is also known as the “heart of Denmark” thanks to its location.

Odder, which has gradually developed with the opening of the railway line called Oddergrisen, is connected to other cities and towns on through the same railway line. The temperature in the area is similar to Denmark in general. Though some days are sunny and warm in the summer, an overcast and misty weather is generally influential. If you don't want to travel on cloudy and rainy days, you are strongly recommended to arrange your travel plan for summer months.

Arable lands in the region, one of the most developed agricultural basins in the country, occupies a large area. As in the past, it is possible to see agricultural lands frequently while strolling around the region. If you have enough time when you arrive in Odder, you can enjoy the opportunity to visit the nearby cities and towns to get to know more about the culture of Denmark.

Odder, where many professional Danish athletes emerged, is the birthplace of the famous footballer Henrik Mortensen. Other than football, sports such as swimming, cycling and handball are very popular in the region. Moreover, the city is also well-known for its athletes performing these sports.

Once you arrive in Odder, don't miss the chance to enjoy the tasty dishes of Danish cuisine mostly composing of potatoes and meat. Dark-rye bread and herring are among the delicacies of the Danish cuisine that must be tasted. If you want to taste alcoholic beverages, you should definitely give the famous Danish beer and mulled wine a chance.

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