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The city of Novo Mesto, which rises above the Krka River in southern Slovenia, dates back to 1365 and is known to have been used by the Ottomans as a military base in the 15th century. The city, which in its past has suffered great demolitions such as wars and plague epidemic, stands out as an important regional center today. Novo Mesto, which is rich in uranium deposits, has an enspiring hydroelectric power plant, has developed a profile of automobile, textile and pharmaceutical industry,  which attracts tourists from all over the world with its nature and energy.

Walking or cycling through the city streets is the best way to explore parks, squares and nature reserves. In addition to being an attractive geography with its forests, rivers, karst caves and vineyards, Otecec Castle, Pleterje Charterhouse Open Air Museum, Mokrice Castle, People's House and Dolenjska Museum are also important cultural stops in the city which has a considerable archeology collection in Europe. The most important building symbolizing the city is the Old Castle (Stari Grad) dated to the 7th century and you can watch the whole city from the observation deck.

You also have the city center shopping center in Glavni square. You can find small shops and restaurants in Glavni and visit the art galleries. You can see important buildings as in the Town Hall, St. Nicholas Church, the Franciscan Monastery in the outskirts of the city center, and in the suburban district there are 8 Medieval castles. If you like to take pictures, you can find the reflection of every colour in nature and create amazing backgrounds in Novo Mesto. The Kakandija Bridge and the Trska Gora Park, which connect the two sides of the Krka River, are the best views of the tiled roofs and ancient buildings. You can make trips to the nearby areas Zagreb, Punat, Klagenfurt and Ljubljana from the city.

The nearest airport to the city is Zagreb Airport, which is 93 kilometers away from the neighboring country of Croatia. Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport in the Slovenian border is about 100 kilometers away from the city. The fastest way transfer from both these areas to the city center is by renting a car.

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