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Nonthaburi, which is known as the “countryside of Bangkok” and the second biggest city of Thailand, is a beautiful destination where both domestic and foreign tourists can escape from the crowd of Bangkok. It has a wonderful nature and cultural richness. Travelers from all over the world come to Wat Sangkhathan, the famous Thai Buddhist temple, for meditating. This wonderful wooden architectural structure is an iconic structure for Nonthaburi. You can spend a peaceful day in Wat Sangkhathan, which is a meditation center for those in search of inner peace. Huge temple areas, wonderfully organized gardens and gigantic columns having complicated carvings depicting some of the world countries and religions will welcome you near Chao Phraya River.

You should definitely visit the colorful wonderland of Nonthaburi Market by moving away from the crazy markets of Bangkok. You should start your shopping at an early hour. You can turn your shopping into a wonderful feast in this market. Smoky grills, dried peppers and exotic fruits may enchant you when you take a step to the market. The market, which is close to the Port of Nonthaburi, is one of the busiest markets of Thailand. You can find many budget-friendly products here.  

The Museum of Nonthaburi, which has a traditional architectural style, is a museum built from 100-year-old teak wood and located next to the pier in Nonthaburi. In this museum, you can see the history of the city, the habits and religious beliefs of its people as well as the famous potteries. The museum, which has been recently renovated, is well organized with pictures and videos in both Thai and English languages.

The Fantasia Lagoon water park located on the terrace of Mall Bangkae is a better and larger version of Bangkok's Dream World or Siam Park. The recently renovated lagoon is a favorite entertainment point for both tourists and local people. If you enjoy water sports, you should definitely visit this place.

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Temple, which is a beautiful example of Thai and Chinese architecture, is an attraction center with white pagodas, golden leaf designs, floral carvings, mirror floors and colorful wall paintings adorning the walls. In this beautiful temple overlooking the river, you can watch the rituals that are performed by the monks every evening. Located right next to the Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Temple, Kanchanaphisek Park, which covers a large area of 40 acres, was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. You can spend a wonderful day in this park, which offers a peaceful and comfortable environment with its special plant and flower types.

Koh Kret, built on the human-made island in the north of Nonthaburi, is home to old temples, busy weekend markets and more importantly Mon tribe known for their famous pottery talents. You should rent a bicycle or walk in order to see the whole island and the village. You can buy handmade earthenware, ethic jewelry or pots as a gift for your loved ones.  

It is possible to find very delicious foods in the menus especially when the spicy, exotic and intense flavor of Thai foods is accompanied by the street culture. For this reason, you should give a chance to street foods. However, you should know that the foods can be very hot even for those who love hot foods. Tastes including vegetable, fish, seafood and spices like Pad Thai, Som Tam and Pad Pak Ruam which you will come across frequently are among the tastes you should try.

The best period to visit Nonthaburi, which offers convenient weather conditions in the majority of the year, is between November and March. The period between March and June is very hot and there are monsoon rains.

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