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Noida, which is one of the cities of India, is the heart of the IT industry. It is a city in the district of Uttar Pradesh. The name Noida represents the abbreviation of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. The surface area of the city, which is located in the east of New Delhi, the capital of the country, is approximately 203 square kilometers. More than half of the city's resident population travels to New Delhi for working.

The city, which was established in 1976 by the son of Indira Gandhi, one of the previous prime ministers of India, has been known as an industrial city since its establishment. Noida is a very lively city since it is the base of many foreign investors and international companies. In addition to its corporate image representing the developed aspect of India with its huge skyscrapers, busy streets and shopping centers, you can find many entertaining activities and a wonderful nature in the city.

The city is an important location for the Indian entertainment industry with many films, television series and news channels. The city has an area that is spread over a total land area of over 100 acres. This area is a plateau where many famous Indian movies were made. The World of Wonder, which is the biggest theme entertainment park of Asia and the country, is also located in this city.

Lotus Temple, which is a Bahai structure, is among the top places to visit in Noida if you are interested in mystery, tradition and difference. The temple, which is about 12 kilometers from the city, was built in 1986 by a Iranian architect. It looks like lotus flower which is the symbol of purity. This temple can be visited by people of all religions and tourists can attend prayer. This temple is also one of the best examples of the modernism.

In many parts of the city, you can see green areas and sculptures with different sizes. The Okhla Bird Sanctuary, where you can see more than 300 bird species, the exhibition paradise Pragati Maidan, which is 13 kilometers away from the city and the National Zoological Park which covers a large area are among the places to visit in the city. You can arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport in about 1 hour by using the Delhi metro reaching to Noida.

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