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Located in the Khanh Hoa district of Vietnam, a Far East country, Nha Trang is a wonderful city along the southern coast of the country. Among one of Vietnam's most crowded cities with a population approaching 600 thousand, Nha Trang is famous for its spectacular beaches and unique scenery. You can enjoy the sea and sun all day in the city, and dive into the underwater world if you wish.

In the city, where organizations such as the Asian Beach Games are also held, the possibilities are almost endless. Nha Trang Bay, one of the most beautiful villages in the world, attracts many visitors every year from different countries and regions of the world. In the city, where large temperature variations are not observed throughout the year, the temperature varies from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius during the year. It is convenient to visit the city almost every month of the year. In the city, which is known to be covered with wide deserts until the beginning of the 19th century, today, almost all of these areas are covered with high buildings extending to the sky.

The city's economy is generally based on tourism. Other important areas of activity besides tourism are the fishery and services sector. One of the most important places worth seeing around Nha Trang is the Monkey Island, where you can swim in every season thanks to the mild weather that is effective throughout the year. In the city you can also see different beauties like San Beach, Hon Tam Island and Yonbay Waterfall.

Transportation to Nha Trang City Center from Airport

Nha Trang Airport is closed to commercial flights. This is why, Cam Ranh Airport, 30 kilometers from the city center, is used to reach the city and the closeby regions. The distance between Cam Ranh Airport, one of the four biggest airports of Vietnam, and the center of Nha Trang is 30 kilometers. After landing to the airport, you can take a bus to travel to Nha Trang or to other parts of Vietnam, rent a car from the terminal of Cam Ranh Airport or use one of the other options such as private shuttles and reach the center of Nha Trang. Flights to cities like Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Hanoi, as well as important centers of Russia are operated from the airport.

Transportation in Vietnam is generally not expensive. However, especially taxis can be more costly in long distances compared to buses and other means of public transportation. You can get to the center of Nha Trang without needing a transfer with means of public transport such as buses, or you can prefer renting a car or taking a taxi as a more expensive option.


You can choose to get to Nha Trang city center by taking a bus from Cam Ranh Airport terminal after a 30-minute ride. Taking a bus is also one of the cheapest and most affordable alternatives you can choose in Vietnam for traveling from the airport to the center. The ticket fare varies on average from 30.000 to 40.000 Vietnam Dong for a single passenger. You can get your bus ticket at the airport terminal. The buses depart from the airport at predetermined times and take their passengers to Nha Trang. As an alternative to the bus, you can take a taxi from in front of Cam Ranh Airport, but remember that taxi fares can be much higher.


One of the most preferred means of transportation for those passengers travelling from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang is taxis. Taxis can also be considered as one of the most comfortable vehicles you can use in this one-hour journey from the airport to Naha Trang. While taxi fares are not very high among Vietnam, going to the center of Nha Trang from the airport is costly because of the long distance between the two. You should consider paying an average of 250.000 – 300.000 Vietnam Dongs to the taxi that you would take from the terminal of Cam Ranh Airport to get to the center of Nha Trang. This amount is equivalent to about 12-13 US dollars. Although it would not be considered a high fare for many countries, it is quite expensive in Vietnam standards. By trying to find passengers to share the taxi with before leaving the terminal of Cam Ranh Aairport, you can share the fare that you would pay and thus evaluate your chances of traveling to the center of Nha Trang or by other points you want to reach by paying less. .

Car Rental

Those local car rental companies located in and around the airport offer different alternatives to those passengers willing to go until Nha Trang with a rental car. The journey to Nha Trang after leaving the terminal with your rental car would last around one hour. The duration of the journey with a rental car is less than compared to journey with bus. You can reach the center of Nha Trang by renting a car from the airport at the same duration with a taxi.

Private Shuttle

Private shuttles can be considered as another alternative to get to Nha Trang and other points from Cam Ranh International Airport. Private shuttles are usually operated by private companies or hotels. The journey with a shuttle might last about 25-35 minutes depending on the route.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Nha Trang?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Nha Trang destination. You can see all Nha Trang flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Nha Trang arranged?

Nha Trang flights are organized to Cam Ranh Intl. Airport, Nha Trang Airport.

How many hours does it take to travel to Nha Trang by plane?

London-Nha Trang 12 hour 40 minutes.

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