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About Newquay

Located on the south-west of England, Newquay is a great holiday town situated on the North Atlantic coast. People usually make their living from fishing and tourism in Newquay in which nearly 20.000 people live. Among the historic buildings and works that can be seen in the town are St. Michael's Church which is one of the typical English-style churches and the Holy Trinity Church. You can also see the places such as the historic harbor and its surroundings in the town center and Tolcarne Beach. The beach is also a meeting point for those who want to swim in the summer or sail on a boat in the ocean.

Newquay is also one of the most important surf centers in the United Kingdom. Newquay attracts tourists from the capital London and other cities in the country, bringing together surfers from different regions and cities of the country with a large number of surf producers and stores. The annual music festivals in Newquay are among the most attention-grabbing activities in the town. The music lovers come together in the concert areas on the beach and enjoy the pleasure of music and fun in the town.

Transportation to the town is very convenient and easy thanks to the airport, the train station and the bus terminal in the town. At the airport in the town, there are flights to many cities in the United Kingdom as well as different destination abroad.

In Newquay, eating habits are generally influenced by delicious fish and seafood from the ocean. The grilled fish and the seafood such as octopus and shrimp are the most commonly used ingredients in meals and salads.

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