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Nessebar, located in the southeast of Bulgaria, is 130 km from Varna, and 30 km away from Burgas. It’s rich history, fine sandy beaches, and warmer than usual climate for the North Black Sea, are among the most important reasons why the town is such a popular destination.

Nessebar is one of Europe's oldest settlements, dating back to 3000 years ago. It’s been a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985 and has many historical sites dating from the 13th and 19th centuries. In addition to the archeology from the Roman - Byzantine period, you will come across much history from the Ottoman Empire. The town is divided into two separate sections, new and old. The beach, accommodation, and residential areas where you can see modern urban life are in the new town. The famous 4 kilometer long Sunny Beach is here. Yacht trips, and boat tours, and water sports are among the fun activities you can do on the town’s beaches.

The old part of the town is very small due to the fact that the sea has overtaken some of the territory over the years. Here you can see many medieval churches and the ancient Hellenistic city of Nessebar, and go on a voyage through time on narrow streets. The wooden houses that reflect the classical architecture of the Black Sea from the 19th century are also worth admiring. The town is also an important pilgrimage place for Christians due to its historical importance.

You will encounter many painters as you pass through the cobbled streets of this boutique town, where historic buildings are carefully guarded and new buildings are not allowed. The closest airport to the town where you can swim in both art and the navy blue sea is Bourgas Airport, which 26 kilometers away. You can get to the town by taking a taxi or the bus.

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