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About Nagoya

Nagoya, which literally means “Peaceful”, is the 4th largest city in Japan. Nagoya, a port city, is located along the Pacific Ocean. In the city with humid subtropical climate, summers are warm and winters are mild. Nagoya is getting more precipitation in the summer than in winter. The city, where the settlement first began before Christ, was officially founded in 1889. Nagoya Castle, one of the most important works of the city's past, was built in the 16th century and heavily damaged during the World War II when the city was destroyed. the restoration work of the castle started in 1959.

The city is famous for its cherry trees, especially in the spring months. The towers also have an important place in the city. Central Tower, Nagoya TV Tower, Gakuen Spiral and Nakoya Lucent Tower are some of the towers here. The Nagoya Aquarium and the sea museum are other places to see. Because of the post-war reconstruction in Nagoya, the streets are designed to be spacious. For technological products you can go to Akamon; Hirokoji-dori is the main shopping street of the city. First of the delicacies that must be tasted by those who go to Nagoya is Miso sauce which is made of soybeans. In addition, some of the foods you need to enjoy are matcha, azuki and kişimen. Although Nagoya is crowded, it is a regular city and also rich in terms of parks and transportation network. There are many expeditions from the train station in the center of Nagoya. You can also get to the city from Nagoya airport.

Transportation to Nagoya City Center from Airport

Located on an island, Chubu Centrair Airport and Nagoya Port are Japan's world-class architectural structures. Nagoya, which provides air transportation through International Chubu Centrair Airport, uses the port to transfer vehicles produced in the city. In Japan, which has an important role in the rapid development of trains and subways, Nagoya Railway Station has a significant place.

In the city, which hosts the biggest train station in the world, access to almost all the regions of the city is provided by high-speed train and underground metro. There are also high-speed train services to all parts of Japan. Buses and taxis are at the service of the passengers in the city

Chubu Centrair Airport has a rich and diverse range of transportation alternatives. While shuttles, rental cars and taxis provide passengers a special means of transportation, buses and trains allow passengers to safely reach the city center under state control.


Vehicles belonging to four different taxi companies (Meitetsu Chita, Anzen, Chita Tsubame, and Shachi Dai-Ichi Kotsu) located opposite the terminal building serve all day. Apart from regular taxis, you can also use the taxis called Noriari Taxi, which take more than one passenger, to travel at a lower cost.


To travel from Chubu Centrair Airport to the city center by bus, you need to reach the bus terminal on the first floor of Access Plaza. The buses are starting to operate at 8 am. There is no bus service after 10 pm. The last stop of buses departing from the airport is the Meitetsu Railway Station in the city center.


Trains are a quick alternative to get to the city center. However, there are two different train services at the airport. Sky Limited Express offers a faster journey, while Rapid Limited Express reaches Nagoya after a longer ride. Before you get on these trains, you must buy tickets from the booths. Rapid Limited Express is slower, but it is more economical. The departure point of the trains is indicated by the signs at the terminal building.


Those who do not want to travel by bus or train, and crowded groups that do not fit in a single cab, can easily go to the city center or to different parts of the city with shuttles. Shuttles can take up to nine passengers. The shuttles operate 24 hours a day, but you have to pay 20% more while travelling between 10 pm and 5 am. You will have the opportunity to reserve from the internet until 9 pm the day before your travel.

Car Rental

At the airport there are five car rental companies (Toyota, Nippon, Times, Orix, Nissan). You can reserve cars from the internet. The car rental companies meet the demands of passengers on the second floor of the Access Plaza, opposite the terminal building.

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Nagoya?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Nagoya destination. You can see all Nagoya flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Nagoya arranged?

Nagoya flights are organized to Chubu Centrair Intl. Airport, Nagoya Airport, Nagoya Bus Station.

How many hours does it take to travel to Nagoya by plane?

London-Nagoya 11 hour 50 minutes, Manchester-Nagoya 11 hour 40 minutes, Edinburgh-Nagoya 11 hour 30 minutes, Birmingham-Nagoya 11 hour 50 minutes, Glasgow-Nagoya 11 hour 30 minutes, Bristol-Nagoya 12 hour, Liverpool-Nagoya 11 hour 40 minutes, Newcastle-Nagoya 11 hour 30 minutes.

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