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Moravske Toplice, which is a small settlement in in the Prekmurje region of Slovenia, is located on the borders of the municipality bearing the same name. It is known that Moravske Toplice, which is mostly famous for its SPA centers, took this name with the name change made in 1983. There are many hotels and camping alternatives in Moravske Toplice which has two different large SPA centers. The settlement promises a very peaceful and relaxing environment with its facilities with bungalow-style rooms and large pools. If your priority is calmness, you can visit the indoor pools instead of the outdoor pools that are mostly preferred by families. 

You can visit the tropical garden of the region while traveling around Moravske Toplice, which is surrounded by lush lands, and you can have the chance to observe the interesting and beautiful plants grown in Slovenia. The Murska Sobota Museum is among the places that should be visited. In the museum, you can see many works belonging to the local culture and the pool in front of the museum also offers a pleasant atmosphere for its visitors. 

In Moravske Toplice, you can spend your time by relaxing at Spa centers or you can spend entertaining time in water parks with your family. Extremely huge water slides will make you spend an entertaining time with your family. If you are not interested in exciting sports, you can try other activities such as rope climbing and jumping at Pustolovski Park which is located about 10 kilometers away. 

What about adding some flavor to your travel with the most famous Slovenian foods? Kremna Rezina, which is a delicious cake, Palacinke, which a type of crepe with walnut, Prekmurje made of poppy and grape, Burak filled with spinach, potato or cheese, Goulash and jambon Kraski Prsut are only some of the examples that you can taste in the restaurants and hotels in the region. 

Moravske Toplice, which is located in the northeast of the country and close to the border, is an outstanding destination particularly for short SPA escapes that will last for a few days. You can travel to the region by using bus routes in Slovenia or by renting a car from nearby countries.

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