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Miami Beach, on the east coast of Florida, is the most popular holiday haven in the US. Under the wings of Miami City, and between the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach is connected with bridges to the mainland as a separate municipality. It’s almost never winter in Miami Beach, where you can breathe in the modern city air while feeling like you’re in a holiday town. A place defined by its skyscrapers and palm trees, the city is known as being founded in 1912 on previous marshland. Life in this city of hotels and beaches never slows down; there is sun and sea all year round and parties every night. You can surf and Jet Ski in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You may even bump into some celebrities.

One of the things that distinguish Miami Beach as a top-tier holiday location is the ‘Millionaires Mile’ or Collins Avenue, where some of the most world’s most expensive cars cruise. If you love and follow basketball then there is a chance that the NBA is playing at the American Airlines Arena during your visit.

The city has much to offer in terms of shopping and cultural exchange, since the majority of the population is Latin American. The neighbouring South Beach, Little Havana, and the most southern point of North America, Key West, are all additional places you can explore and discover. The Art Deco style of the Miami Beach Architectural District from the 1970s is a sight that will hold a special place for lovers of art. You can experience tranquillity and nature in the national parks, while the bars, restaurants, and hotels create a colourful atmosphere by the ocean shore. Everglades National Park is one of the natural areas close to the city and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

The closest airport to Miami Beach is Miami International Airport. You can make use of the airport express, which is both fast and inexpensive, and the easiest transfer method to the city.

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