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One of the most interesting destinations in Italy, Matera, is also known as Luciana. It’s a place that can be visited any time of year and is most famous for its fascinating underground caves. The settlement origins of Matera date back to 7000 years ago, and one of the historic caves that gets the most interest is the Città Sotterranea. The old town consists of two sections, Sasso Barisano in the north and Sasso Caveoso in the south.

Just outside of old town and made from limestone rocks, the caves in Sassi (which means ‘stone’ in Italian) are one of the main places that you should see during your visit. The entrance to the Caveoso caves is just 6 euro as of 2018.  

The Linea Sassi buses take off from Matera Centrale and go to Sassi di Matera every 30 minutes and the journey takes around 20 minutes. It’s possible to explore many places in Matera on foot. The most famous venue in Matera, Café Stone Age, is located in St. Antonius Church. The view from the café terrace decorated with flowers and plants from all over the world is worth seeing.

The accommodation in Matera naturally follows the concept of the caves. You can find cave-lodging experiences offered by hotels such as Hotel Sant'Angelo all over Matera. In addition the restaurants and cafes have also been designed with the same concept. There is a authenticity to the whole of Matera, where it feels as though there is no concept of time, from the souvenir shops and night clubs to the restaurants and hotels.

One of the best things to do in Matera is walk among cobblestone streets lined with buildings from the 11th and 12th centuries. If you want to see all 155 of the cave churches in Matera then you may need to set aside a couple of weeks.  

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