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Magnetic Island is an island in the city of Townsville in Queensland Region of Australia. Magnetic Island, which is 8 kilometers of the mainland, is reached by ferries. The name of the island comes from the apparent magnetic effect it had on the ship's compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up in 1770. People explored the island with various instruments to discover what might have caused this affect, but nothing was discovered. The island appeared in various movies, too.

Magnetic Island is an important tourist destination with its wonderful beaches, a great number of hotels and various facilities. However, the most important characteristics of the island is that more than half of the island’s surface area is a natural park area. On Magnetic Island, which is a paradise for all nature lovers, a wide variety of nature sports such as bird watching, nature walk or climbing can be performed. The island also has a rich flora and fauna. Especially the number of koala, a species unique to the continent, is above average on Magnetic Island. Island lands have natural richness, while the waters surrounding it are home to a rich variety of marine life. Various water sports, especially diving and fishing, are intensively performed on the island.

Magnetic Island is under the influence of the tropical savanna climate. The temperature is measured around 25-30 degrees throughout the year. December, January and February months receive heavy rainfall. For this reason, the other nine months are accepted as a more suitable period for visiting Magnetic Island.

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