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About Oxford  Airport

London Oxford Airport, which offers transportation service in Oxford, England, was built in 1935 thanks to the initiatives of the Oxford municipality. The airport, which was used by the British Air Force as an air base during the Second World War, is also home to the Oxford Aviation Academy which is known as Europe's largest air training school. London Oxford Airport, where civil aviation activities have increased gradually after the years of war and which is the most preferred airport in general and commercial terms in its region, succeeded to become the second busiest airport of England at the end of the 1960s. As part of the comprehensive expansion work initiated in 2007, the majority of the airport was renovated and expanded, and a new terminal building was opened. From London Oxford Airport, there are flights to more than 250 different regions, especially the United States of America, the African continent, the Middle East countries and important capitals of Europe.

Getting to the City Center from Oxford  Airport

There are many different options for those who want to travel from London Oxford Airport to the city center, such as taxis, buses, rental cars and private shuttles. If you want to come to the stations near the airport you can continue with the trains. Thanks to the short-term waiting areas and parking lots located at London Oxford Airport, those who want to travel with a private vehicle can travel to the city center without difficulty. The vehicles that are available to the passengers at the airport usually take them to the center at similar lengths and at similar fares. You are advised to consider the time you are going to spend in the city and the places you will be traveling around the city when deciding which means of transportation to use.


In order to take a taxi provided by Kidlington Cars at the airport, you just need to get to the front of the terminal. The taxis that are serving at London Oxford Airport are one of the best alternatives that you can choose to get to the center thanks to their wide baggage capacity and comfortable cabs. You can call 07766 207 260 or 07788 853 753 if you would like to get information about the taxis and the average fares that you would need to pay in order to reach your destination. The average cost of travelling to the center with a taxi is about 10-15 sterling, as in other means of transportation. On the other hand, you can reach Heathrow Airport direction by paying something between 50-70 sterling.

Private Shuttles

Findlay Chauffeur Service, serving at London Oxford Airport to those passengers who would like to travel to the center by making benefit of the comfortable and fast private shuttles, can be reached at 08456 447 099. You can contact 08701 909 32 for Greys of London and 01865 595 262 for Hilltop Chauffeurs as alternative companies serving with private shuttles. The private shuttles that take their passengers as fast as possible to the city center with their private drivers is also a correct option for those passengers who are willing to comfortably carry their suitcases. You can travel until the city center usually at a fixed fare, and get in contact with private shuttle companies in order to get detailed information about fares to get to the other regions.

Bus and Minibus

Those who are willing to travel to the center from the airport by using buses or minibuses can choose one of the companies serving with different fares and passenger capacities. If you prefer Gray Line for travelling with bus or minibus, you can book by calling 01869 246 461. For Heyfordian, as an alternative in this field, you can call 01869 248 784. You can call 01865 849 330 to be able to use the vehicles of Luxicars Hire. For Charlton Services, another bus and minibus company that you can use at the airport, it is enough for you to call 01865 331 249. On the other hand, Pearce is reachable at 01865 340 560. If you prefer booking online instead of phone, you can book via the websites of these companies or by sending them an e-mail.

Car Rental

Those who are willing to rent a car at the airport, Enterprise Rent-a-Car is serving at the terminal of London Oxford Airport. If you are thinking about booking in advance, you can reach the company at 01865 848 484 and book a car or get information. Budget, another car rental company serving in and around the city center, can be reached at 01865 724 884. In order to reach Green Motion Oxford, on the other hand, you need to call 01865 778 931. You can contact Hertz at 01865 856 555, Spareacre Hire at 01865 881 316, Thames Valley Rentals at 01865 842 852 and Target at 01865 244 477. 

Private Tour Shuttles

If you would like to get to the city center or other desired points with private tour shuttles, you can get detailed information about the vehicles of Absolute Touring, a company serving in this field, by calling 01865 302 964. 


London Oxford Airport is not directly connected with the train station. However, after a short ride you can reach one of the close stations such as Tackley, Hanborough and Islip and travel to different points of the country with the trains that you can get from these stations. Trains are among the safest and fastest transportation options that you can use in England. You can also transfer to other trains from Oxford City station, which is again not very far away, if you wish. Those passengers willing to get information about the trains can contact UK Rail National Enquiries by calling 08457 48 49 50 and First Great Western by calling 0845 600 5604. It is possible to travel to different destinations from each of the stations. If you would like to travel wherever you like in the country, you can get to Oxford station. Trains are usually operating between 6 am and 10 pm. The schedules of the trains going to different routes might vary.

Last Updated: 07 Aug 2017
Getting to Oxford  Airport from the City Center

Direct access to London Oxford Airport that is not far away from the city center is possible by one of the alternatives such as bus, rental car, private shuttle, and taxi. The parking lot and waiting areas at the airport make it easy for passengers to come here with their private cars. Although the trains that you can use to reach the region from many cities of the country do not offer direct access to the airport, they can be used to transfer from the stations and thus arrive at the airport.


You can arrive at London Oxford Airport directly by finding a taxi easily in the city center both during the day and the night. Taxi fares can vary depending on the destination between the airport and where you are located. You have to give a few pounds of tip in addition to the fare calculated by the taximeter. The journey by taxi is extremely fast and convenient, but at the same time it is a much more costly alternative compared to alternatives such as buses and minibuses. If you would like to inquire about taxis in the city, you can get information by calling 07766 207 260 or 07788 853 753.

Private Shuttles

Private shuttles are among the most frequently preferred vehicles to get to the airport in the region. To get to the airport with private shuttles you may need to book in advance online or by telephone. If your choice for private shuttle company is Greys of London, you can call 08701 909 321. For other company options providing transportation to the airport by private shuttles, you can get information by calling 08456 447 099 for Findlay Chauffeur Service or 01865 595 262 for Hilltop Chauffeurs and give details such as your travel hours and the number of passengers. In this way, you can arrange a shuttle with a driver to be where you ask them to be at a preferable hour for you.

Bus and Minibus 

Gray Line, accessible via phone line 01869 246 461, is one of the most preferred options for those who would like to get to London Oxford Airport by bus or minibus. You can plan your transfer by calling Charlton Services, another option for getting to the airport by bur or minibus, at 01865 331 249 or call 01869 248 784 to make benefit of the vehicles of Heyfordian on this route. Bus and minibus shuttles pick up their passengers from many points in the city and take them directly to the airport terminal. The fare of these vehicles vary according to factors such as the number of passengers you will be travelling with from the center to the airport, the distance between your location and the airport and the date and hour of your travel.

Car Rental

The number of alternatives you can consider if you want to rent a car in and around the city is quite a lot. Enterprise London, which also has an office at the airport, offers you the opportunity to deliver your car here when you arrive at Oxford Airport. In order to rent your car from Enterprise, you can call 01865 848 484 or compare many details such as vehicle options, rental alternatives and fares online. For Budget located in Oxford, you can call 01865 724 884 to rent a car or you can call 01865 244 477 for Target, which serves in the same area. For Hertz located in the Kidlington area, you can get support on 01865 856 555. Ford Rental is serving via phone number 0870 909 5275. All rental companies offer you the alternative to look for cars and book online.

Private Shuttles

You can directly reach the terminal of London Oxford Airport by using the vehicles of Absolute Touring, one of the private shuttle companies serving in the region. If you prefer transferring to the airport with the vehicles of Absolute Touring, you can get information in advance by calling 01865 302 964. After getting information about the average fare that you would need to pay by giving information about your location, you can call one of these shuttles that would pick you up from your door if you fancy travelling with them.

Airport Information

London Oxford Airport, which serves passengers from early morning until evening, is generally preferred for regional flights. At the airport, which is also used for pilot trainings, there is 24 hour security, waiting lounges, information desk and many other standard services are offered. At the airport, which is also often preferred for charter flights, you can also find services like rental planes and helicopters.

Last Updated: 04 Aug 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flight prices to Oxford  Airport?

When you search for flights to Oxford  Airport, Wingie directly gathers and compares the instant data of all airlines with flights from the airports you can depart from. For the date you are looking for, you can see all the flights arriving at Oxford  Airport together and you can choose the most suitable flight.

Which are the alternative airports to Oxford  Airport?

You can use Wycombe Air Park Airport as an alternative to Oxford  Airport.

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