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About Linz

Located north-west of Austria, near the Danube River, the city of Linz, has a surface area of 96 km2. The most commonly spoken language in Linz, the capital of the state of Upper Austria, is German by 80 percent. The second most spoken language in the city is Turkish with about 3 to 3.5 percent. Serbian and Croatian follow closely behind. Ars Electronica Center, the New Cathedral, Wilhering Abbey, Alter Dom or the Old Cathedral, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Pöstlingbergbahn Museum and Donauhalle (the ice-skating rink) are the primary sightseeing locations in the city.

Linz offers a variety of excursions for visitors in the city ranging from shopping to eating, drinking and other alternatives such as visiting historic sites. Landstraße, an extremely long and large shopping street, is ideal for a pleasant walk and to do shopping. Following the Danube River from Landstraße street leads to the Hauptplatz Square, where there are a variety of cafe’s and restaurants to meet the needs of tourists in regards to eating, drinking, and resting. Another must-see place during your visit to Linz is the Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration Camp. Today, known as the Mauthausen Memorial, the former concentration camp now carries the brutal traces of Nazi Germany in World War II. The Mauthausen Memorial, the gas chamber, the autopsy room, the disciplinary wards, the crematorium, and the monuments, reveal the atrocious, heinous acts that have been committed against humanity in our recent history.

The Pöstlingberg Castle in Linz, is home to a number of treasures. The castle also is a convenient location for those who want to get a view of the city from an elevated location. Transportation via air to Liz is available through the Blue Danube Airport. The airport located about 20 minutes from the city center and allows access to public transportation from the airport to the city center. Flights between Istanbul and Linz have a duration of at least 4 hours with at least 1 transfer.

Transportation to Linz City Center from Airport


Linz Airport

Linz, third largest and one of the most modern cities of Austria, is also a major transport hub. The public transport in Linz is quite developed and modern. The vast majority of public transportation is provided by trams and buses. Trains serve in the city; they can also be used for excursions outside the city. Taxi and car rental services are also popular in the city, because as long as it is affordable, many local and foreign tourists prefer a faster transportation option.

If you come from another country or from another city in Austria, there is also access to the city of Linz via the Danube River. There is a system called Linz Card which can be used on buses and trams, and thanks to this card you get free access to many museums. The fee you need to pay to use Linz Card for one day is 18 Euros and 30 euros for 3 days use as of today.

If the passengers are between the ages of 6-14, these charges are 15 Euros and 25 Euros respectively. At the same time, all students up to the age of 26 can benefit from these discounts. The Linz City Express service offers very convenient options for touring the city. There are also locals and many foreign tourists who prefer cycling in Linz, because urban roads are very convenient, modern and well-maintained. It is possible to get to the center From Linz Airport quickly by train, tram and bus. Apart from that, you can benefit from taxi and car rental services as well as private and free shuttle buses and airport transfer service.

For more information about airport transfer service, please visit This service provides transportation with cars with a 8-10 passenger capacity or regular taxi cars. If you wish you can make a reservation for a single taxi car for an individual journey, or for a minibus if you are a crowded group. Another name for Linz Airport shuttle services is the Airport Shuttle service. As it is a service offered by Blue Danube (Linz) Airport, you automatically get a 15% discount when you use this service.


Linz's main railway station is located in the Hauptbahnhof district. Linz Airport's free shuttle buses operate between the airport and this train station. There is a walkable distance between the railway station and Linz city center. So if you take this shuttle bus from the airport, you can go to the train stations and take a train that go to the nearby cities, and reach the city center free of charge.


The bus from the Linz Airport to the city center is the most popular and economical option. Although not as fast as taxis, the buses, which are quite inexpensive, provide transportation service to many points of the city. offers services from Linz-Salzburg / Hallstaff / Vienna / Cesky Krumlov via a private car or minibus. The distance between Linz and Cesky Krumlov is 420 kilometers and it costs 19 Euros, according to the most updated data. There are also private shuttle buses leaving the Linz Airport terminal immediately. These buses are free of charge and provide transportation between the airport and Linz Train Station.

Since the train station is also very close to the city center, it is quite practical to reach the city center after walking a short distance after getting off the shuttle bus. As far as city buses are concerned, bus number 601 is only operating between Linz city center and the airport. This journey lasts for an average of 19 minutes and the fare for a one-way ticket is about 3.10 Euros, according to the most recent data. If you want to buy a daily card you need to pay 6.20 Euros.


Another public transportation vehicle that is as popular as buses is the red-colored Linz tram. The line 1 of the tram, which has 4 different routes in total, is running between Auwiesen and University; Line 2 is running between Solarcity-University and Line 3 provides transportation between the Main Station and Bergbahnhof Urfahr. There is a tourist information office in this area which is called Main Square, the center of the city. You can step into this office and obtain a map showing the routes of means of public transportation in the city, thus facilitate your transportation around the city. You can also have the most up-to-date information about tickets and other transportation related issues.

There are trams to and from Linz Airport and Hauptplatz, a central district of Linz, that take off every 30 minutes.

All trams are operating from 06.00 to 22.00 on weekdays, and between 07.30 and 22.00 during weekends. Only the tram signs at the Hauptbahnhof are underground. Others stand in places where you can see easily. So you can easily find your way as long as you follow the tram signs.

Trams 1 and 2 go directly to Hauptplatz. It is possible to get your tickets from the vending machines. You can also see bus routes on a map where tram routes are clearly visible. Since these two main means of transportation are interconnected, you can go quickly and comfortably to any point in the city with up to two transfers.


Another quick option to get to the city center from Linz Airport is the taxi, which is quite reasonable as long as you can bargain. You can reach AST Anruf Sammel Taxi which is one of the most affordable taxi companies in Linz at +43 737 661 266. Some of the most affordable taxi companies that provide transportation from the Linz Airport to the city center and other places are Willy's Reisen (0732341095), Taxi Vondrak (07221731410), Taxi Pöstinger (06643558999), Taxi Zitta (0722970100), Taxi Jakober (0722970100) and Taxi Haas (072269296). The cost of a taxi journey from Linz Airport to Linz train station is approximately 29 Euros; and the cost of a taxi journey between Linz airport and Linz city center is about 35 Euros. It costs about 48 Euros to go to the famous city of Wels, very close to Linz, by taxi from Linz Airport.

Car Rental

All you have to do to come to Linz with a car from Vienna, Salzburg and Munich is to use the A1 motorway. To go to the south of Austria, for example, you need to use the Grez (Styria) and Klagenfurt (Carinthia) A9 motorway. You can rent your car at a much more affordable price if you search the internet for car rental companies located at the arrival terminal of the airport and make your pre-reservation. From Linz Airport it is possible to get to the city center in about 15-20 minutes by car.

Weather in Linz

DayMin - Max
WednesdayMin 16ºC - Max 32ºC
ThursdayMin 17ºC - Max 31ºC
FridayMin 18ºC - Max 26ºC
SaturdayMin 16ºC - Max 25ºC
SundayMin 15ºC - Max 18ºC

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