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Leba is under Pomeranian governance, or voivodship, in the north of Poland. This coastal town, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, is one of the most important holiday destinations in Poland. Leba's economy is mainly based on tourism, and it receives many visitors each year. It’s actually possible to catch people sunbathing on every possible occasion, despite the cold climate, all along the beaches that continue for the whole coastline. The temperature in Leba drops below freezing ​​in the winter months, and is around an average of 20 degrees in the summer. It rains all year round, but more frequently during the winter months. The amount of rainfall is much higher in the second half of the year than in the first half. The humidity in Leba measures around an average of 80% a year.

There is a beautiful yacht harbor in Leba, which makes it an attractive stop for sea faring travellers. One of the most touristic places in the town is Nadmorska, where there are also gift shops. Lovers of nature can visit the Slowinski National Park. The Fishermen and St. Nicholas Church, both built in the 17th century, are definitely worth visiting for their beautiful architecture. The Dinosaur Park is a nice alternative to include for those who have children or Jurassic interests. If you like puzzles then you should definitely try your hand at finding the exit among the hedges in Labyrinth Park. There are some great opportunities for photography in the sand dunes by the coast where you can take a walk.  

Leba is comfortable to explore by foot, as it’s quite small and flat. The best alternative to just walking is cycling and there are many bike rental places around the town.

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