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Langebaan is a town located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The town is situated on the eastern bank of the Langebaan Lake. Langebaan is the ornithological capital of South Africa and is famous for having the biggest oyster shell deposits of the world. Founded at the beginning of the 1920s, Langebaan was once used as a whaling station, but has since been transformed into the busiest holiday destination of the Western Cape Province. The white sandy beaches and the clear waters of the Langebaan Lagoon are two of the main attractions of this beautiful place.

Langebaan Lagoon, which was formed by the rising and falling of sea levels during the prehistoric times, is a natural resource having purely salt water. The coastal town offers its visitors a fantastic beach experience and a deep lagoon reaching 6 meters. Calypso Beach is one of the most important beaches of Langebaan. This beach is known to have an international importance with the Langebaan Lagoon. These two beauties are under the protection of the West Coast National Park. You shouldn’t leave the town without watching the breathtaking sunset view and spending time on the beaches of Langebaan.

The town, which is home to windsurfing and many water sports, comes to the forefront with the various activities it offers to families. Langebaan is also home to many events such as the church markets, exhibitions and art markets. The Langebaan Mussel Festival held in the first week of October is among the events that you can enjoy if you visit the town in this period. Playing golf, horse riding and attending spa treatments are among the other activities that you can enjoy in Langebaan. You can reach the town of Langebaan by using the buses departing from Cape Town, which is one of the capitals of South Africa.

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