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Located near the Czech border and in the Silesian region of Poland, the city of Kudowa-Zdroj is called as ‘Kudowa’ shortly. The city right next to the Stolowe Mountains National Park is also known as an important tourism center with its rural areas and hot healing springs. The visitors of the excellent sanatoriums in the city consist of Czechs German tourists that pay attention to their health and need treatment. In addition to being a spa city, the natural beauty surrounded by mountains makes the city a center of attention. In fact, you can discover the extraordinary geological formations in the area which looks like a painting; you may also encounter an interesting cultural heritage.

The history of the city, which is one of the first places to come to mind when speaking about spa in Poland and Europe, dates back to 1354. The exploration of the healing water resources was occurred in the year 1580. Today, the city has about 15.000 inhabitants and a therapeutic, temperate climate. In the sanitariums of the city, water therapies are applied for many diseases including heart, hypertension, bone and blood diseases. Thanks to the tranquility of its 19th century architecture, the city has a relaxing effect not only for the eyes and also for soul. The most interesting structure in Kudowa-Zdroj, even in the world, is the Skull Chapel, which is located in the north of the city center; you will be very surprised while visiting. The chapel was built in 1776, all of the bricks are real skulls and there are approximately 3000 of them. There are 20.000 pieces of human bones in this structure, many of which are victims of the disease and some of them are skeletons collected from the battlefields. The International Moniuszko Festival is one of the most famous art events and it has been held since 1962 in the city, where you will find spa parks adorned with exotic plants in the colorful city center and many other places.

You can reach Kudowa-Zdroj by taking the road from the highway. If you are coming by plane, you can go to the Pardubice Airport, which is 79 kilometers far from the nearest airport city center, by public transport or by taking a taxi.

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