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About Krasnodar

Krasnodar is the administrative center of the Krasnodar Krai, Russia, situated on the Kuban River, 148 km from the Black Sea. The Krasnodar Krai was formerly the Circassian (Adygea) Autonomous Oblast. It is geographically located north of Georgia and east of Crimea. Due to its proximity to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov the region has a temperate climate and is in a strategic position economically. The majority of the population in the Krai is Russian; the remaining percentage consists of Armenians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Georgians, Adyghe, Germans, and other ethnic groups. You can start exploring the city with Shukhov’s Hyperboloid Tower, State Arts Museum, and the F.A. Kovalenko Art Museum. The Solnecny Ostrov (Sunny Island) Park, located on Lake Staraya Kuban, is another scenic place worth visiting.

Other sights to visit include the Splash Fountain, Krasnodar Stadium, and Krasnodar Circus. The city was selected by the Russian edition of Forbes magazine as one of the best city to do business in Russia. The city is at an altitude of about 30 meters. The plethora of hotels and tourist amenities make it one of the most visited regions of Russia.

Souvenirs unique to the city include magnets, glass figurines, woodcrafts, pottery and utensils, and matryoshka dolls. The Krasnodar International Airport, or commonly referred to as the Pashkovsky Airport, is located 12 km east of the city center. Trams, trolleybuses, and buses are used for urban transportation.   

Transportation to Krasnodar City Center from Airport


Krasnodar Airport

Krasnodar Airport, in Russia's Krasnodar city, is the seventh largest airport in Russia and the biggest airport in the city. Located 12 kilometers from the city center, Krasnodar Airport serves the civilian category and to the international arena.

Krasnodar Airport, which carries many passengers to the city of Krasnodar every year, offers different experiences to passengers and visitors with its various services. Various options are available for transportation from Krasnodar Airport to the city center, which is designed to meet all the needs of passengers with eating and drinking places, shopping spots and a wide range of services.

There are many alternatives to reach the city center from Krasnodar Airport, which is also very easy to reach. You can easily get to Krasnodar city center by taxi, train, bus and car rental options from Krasnodar Airport which is 12 kilometers away from the city center.


Taxi can be the fastest option you will choose from Krasnodar Airport to get to the city center. As soon as your flight lands, you can get to the city center quickly with taxis you can take. You can easily get to the city center with taxis awaiting you at the airport.


Taking a train would be one of the most economical options to get to the city center. With the Aeroexpress trains, which you can take from the airport, it is possible to get to the city center in a short time. Trains, more economical than taxis, may be a good choice for you.


You can easily get to the city center with the Sochi Autorans bus at the airport. It is possible to reach the city center in a short time, which you can go with different bus lines at different times. Do not forget to find out which bus you should take before you get on the bus.

Car Rental

Another option to go to the city center is to rent a car. With the cars you rent from the car rental offices located at Krasnodar Airport you can go to the city center comfortably. Cars with or without drivers can be delivered to the car rental offices in the city center.

Weather in Krasnodar

DayMin - Max
WednesdayMin 20ºC - Max 34ºC
ThursdayMin 22ºC - Max 36ºC
FridayMin 20ºC - Max 28ºC
SaturdayMin 17ºC - Max 31ºC
SundayMin 18ºC - Max 34ºC

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