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Köyceğiz, which is located at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, is a district in Muğla province. It is an admirable district with its natural beauties. The history of Köyceğiz began when the Carians settled in the region during 3000 BC and throughout history it hosted many civilizations such as the Scythians, Assyrians, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans. The hot springs (Sultaniye Hot Springs) opened by the Kaunos Civilization about 2000 years ago and the ancient city of Kaunos are among the most important tourist attractions of Köyceğiz. There are walls, theatre and the ruins of a historical church in the ancient city and Sultaniye Hot Springs offer service as the hot springs having the highest radioactivity of our country. Lake Köyceğiz, which has a wonderful view and attracts the attention of photographers, is also used for fishing and water sports. Ekincik Beach, which has tourist facilities around, is divided into two by a small stream. Sandras Mountain, where mountain climbing and winter sports are done, is famous for its winter camps.

The majority of the people in Köyceğiz, who are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry as well as tourism, continue their lives in the district center. The terrestrial climate is observed in the mountainous regions of the district while Mediterranean climate is effective in the coastal regions. Köyceğiz, which is influenced by hot weather in the summer season, is among the districts receiving the most precipitation during the winter season. Those who want to reach Köyceğiz by flying can prefer Dalaman Airport which is about 35 minutes away from the district.

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