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Kopaonik is a quite village in the Raška Region of Serbia. The national Park, which is also known as the Sunny Mountain, is the most popular ski town of Serbia. This quite village has a habitat with a lot of rare plant species, flora and fauna. Kopaonik, which is the biggest mountain range of Serbia, is located 230 kilometers far from Belgrade. The mountains lying 80 kilometers from the northwest to the southeast have a width of 40 kilometers in the middle.

A part of the mountain, which is a protected section of the Copenhagen National Park, is mentioned as the largest center of the country for ski and biodiversity. The mountain range was called Kopaonik (Sparkle, Silver) even before the Roman Period due to its abundant mineral resources. Kopaonik Mountain, where the Alpine climate is dominant, is a real touristic center with modern hotels and facilities. The region, which is under the effect of Alpine climate and sunny for 200 days of the year, is therefore known as Sunny Mountain as well. If you would like to make use of the snow season that lasts between November and May, you can reach first-class tracks arranged for both beginners and professional skiers. The highest peak of the Kopaonik Mountains is Pančić's Peak with a height of 2.017 sea level, with its unique telpher system, ski elevators and tracks allowing for night ski. You can visit the Christian Basilica right below Pančić's Peak and climb up Nebeske Stolice, also called Celestial Chairs. For sure, you can make use of the famous spa and hot springs using the water of “Krčmar” and “Marine vode”, which are cold water sources in Kopaonik, to have a relaxing day.

Kopaonik hosts lots of cultural and historical artifacts dating back from the 12th century to the 15th century, contributing to its extraordinary beauty. It is surrounded by numerous cultural and historical artifacts such as Gradac, Pavica, Studenica, Žiča and Sopoćani Monasteries. Ras, a gorgeous Medieval city settled in the foothills of Kopaonik Mountain, creates a unique cultural and historical complex together with the cities of Zvečan, Koznik and Maglilč. You may want to try the tours to these cities and get lost in the old streets of the city.

If you go to Kopaonik during the summer months, you can experience the walking tours, monastery tours and wine routes, and try adventure sports such as rafting, paragliding and horse-riding. Furthermore, the Ski Festival which is held in March is one of the most enjoyable activities of the ski season. In its cuisine, where meat is dominant, you should definitely try the delicacies of Kopaonik including sauced dishes and pastry. The best time to travel to Kopaonik is the winter season for those who want to ski, however, it is a region worth visiting every season of the year.

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