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About Koksijde

Koksijde, which is located on the coast of the North Sea in the West Flanders region of Belgium, is a popular destination for tourists with its history and natural beauties. We can summarize the atmosphere of this coastal town with flowers, nature and folk arts. Koksijde is known as the “Flower Seaside Resort” because of its colorful shows made with flowers and flower market set up during Easter. Many tourists prefer accommodating in houses near the beach or stylish villages.

Koksijde Beach, which runs all the way to Dunkirk, has a length of more than 10 kilometers. The beach is a perfect place to sunbathe all day long and it also offers a wide range of sport activities for its visitors. De Panne beach is one of the widest beaches of the Belgian coasts. For this reason, it offers many activities like sunbathing, walking along the beach or enjoying various water sports. You can also spend time in one of the cafes or restaurants around the beach.

Located only ten minutes away from Koksijde, Navigo Museum is a national fishing museum. The museum has an excellent collection showing the rich heritage of the Flemish coastal industry and it is also home to a real fishing boat, aquariums, a souvenir shop and a restaurant. In addition to the local Belgian cuisine, you can find alternative menus for every budget in Koksijde where you can try tastes from the European and Mediterranean cuisines.

The best time to visit Koksijde may be the autumn season when the temperature begins to decrease. If you visit the town in this season, you can have a more budget-friendly travel in terms of transportation and accommodation. However, if you want to have a sea holiday, the best time to visit the town is between June and September.

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