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Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a port city in Kerala State in the south of India. Due to being a location that has been home to international trade for many years, it has a cosmopolite structure. In the city, it is possible to see the effects of Portuguese, German, Arab, Chinese and Japanese cultures. For example, Chinese fishing nets are accepted as the irreplaceable parts of the Kochi silhouette. In addition, Kochi is home to the majority of the Jewish population in the country.

Kochi is under the influence of the tropical climate. The daytime temperature is measured around 30-35 degrees and the nighttime temperature is measured around 24 degrees throughout the year. The city is exposed to heavy monsoon rains from the mid of May to September. Although this stormy period is relatively cool, it is not preferred by tourists. December is the period when the city attracts the most tourists with numerous festivals, performances and events.

Transportation in the city is mainly provided by buses and the city has a developed bus network system. On the other hand, taxis, ferries, subways, trains and bicycles are the other important alternatives for transportation. Willingdon Island, located off Kochi, is very close to the mainland and hosts many luxurious accommodation centers. Bolgatty Island, which is also rich in terms hotels, has a yacht marina, horse farm and golf courses. These two islands are located in the heart of sea tourism in Kochi.

Hill Palace, which was once home to Indian maharajas, is one of the important places to visit in Kochi. The crown made of approximately two kilos of gold and decorated with 95 diamonds and 2,000 other precious stones is the most eye-catching object of Hill Palace, which is today used as an art gallery and museum. St. Francis Church, the first European church built in Asia, should absolutely be on the list of places to visit. There are also various authentic examples of the European colonial architecture on Princess Street.

The port of Kochi should also be visited as it undertakes the main character role in the personality of the city. Jain Mandir Temple with its impressive architecture and St. George Cathedral, the largest church of India, are interesting structures. Visitors can also see the mosques and synagogues in the city. Kochi has also various parks, gardens and forests and there are many beautiful places for nature lovers. Adrenalin enthusiasts can spend enjoyable time in WonderLa Entertainment Center and Silverstorm Water Park.

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