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Knysna, which is a town close to the eastern and western borders of Cape Town in South Africa, is located on a natural lagoon. Despite the fact that the town, which is surrounded by mountains, is the temperate place of South Africa, it is not unusual for the region to have a four-season effect in a day. The weather can become sunny while it is raining and a sunny day can suddenly turn into a storm. Knysna, declared as the most beautiful holiday destination of South Africa by its public, is also defined as 'garden route'. Besides the natural beauty of the very green forests, golden sandy beaches and lakes, about 200 fish species live in the lagoon and seahorse makes the region spectacular. The deep cliffs on the edge of the lagoon add a different geological feature to the town. The east side of the town has a lagoon view while the nature reserve in the west is called Featherbed Nature Reserve Region. Reaching this reserve is only possible by ferry.

The forests in Knysna are the biggest of the forests of South Africa and its vegetation cover is so rich that it hosts eight thousand different plant species. A limited number of forest elephants rarely seen in the country live in this region. In the town, the migration of whales is watched in August and September. Dolphins can be seen every season. Knysna whose nature offers many surprises is a wonderful geography for scuba diving, skydiving and paragliding enthusiasts.

Knysna's main street surrounded by small shops is a part of the highway going to Cape Town at the same time. Along the road, there are many famous African artists' studios and art galleries. The bars and restaurants lining up along the port and coast are ideal for watching the sunset and host the lively nightlife. The 'Knysna Oyster Festival' is one of the events held every year and offers the opportunity to meet different tastes.

Plettenberg Bay Airport is the closest airport to the town and it is about 35 kilometers away. While covering this distance by a shuttle or with the car you have rented, you can enjoy the garden route that you will drive through.

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