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Kiten, which is a town on the coast of the Black Sea, is located approximately 55 km of Burgas city, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Bulgaria. Kiten, which is located only 5 km away from the town of Primorsko, is a small town with a population of about one thousand. The town can be visited in any season. The hottest period is experienced in July. In this month, the temperature is around 23-24 centigrade degrees.

Kiten, which also hosts two beautiful bays named Urdoviza and Atliman, is one of the most preferred destinations by both local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun since it offers a budget-friendly holiday. Atliman located on the northern coast of the town and surrounded by sand dunes offering fantastic views during the sunset, Kiten South and Camping Kiten beaches divided into two by the Urdoviza bay are the most beautiful places to see in the town.

Since there are amphoras, which are the Greek pots remaining from the 6th century BC, on the bay of Urdoviza, it is though that the history of the town dates back to the ancient times. Kiten, which officially became a “town” in 1962, became a separate town independent from Primorsko due to its development in the field of tourism in 2005.

Today, the town attracts thousands of visitors from many countries of the world particularly the neighboring countries of Bulgaria with its eating and drinking places, shopping opportunities, accomodation facilities, beaches, bays, camping areas etc. On the Ropotamo River, you can have a wonderful boat trip before sunset or enjoy various activities like renting a jet, surfing, playing beach volleyball or joining other sports activities. You can also spend a day by enjoying fishing in the town where fishing is the main source of living after tourism.

There are many restaurants in the town where you can try delicious alternatives from the Bulgarian cuisine as well as the dishes belonging to the other countries located in the Balkans. In addition, these places offer a wide variety of tastes from the Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian and Serbian cuisines for affordable prices.

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