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About Kissonerga

Kissonerga is a coastal village located about 8 kilometers north of Paphos, a harbor town in southwest Cyprus. All kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are the main source of income for a very long time, are produced in this coastal village. Known for its bananas and watermelons, Kissonerga has recently made its mark as a popular tourist attraction with its holiday villas, beaches, restaurants and bars located along the coastline. Kissonerga, situated in the middle of the famous Paphos and Coral Bay beaches, is known for its sandy beaches such as Kotsias and Potima Bay. At one end of the coastline of Kissonerga starts Kotsias Beach and does Potima Bay in the other end. Pente Litharia Beach is among other beaches to go swimming in Kissonerga.

Kissonerga offers a wide range of options for its visitors that are worth to see during their holidays. Kissonerga, a traditional Cypriot village, has many restaurants, accomodation and entertainment venues where you can enjoy unique sea views. You can see the archaeological ruins of Kissonerga as you visit the famous banana plantations around the village. The Mosfilia Chalcolithic settlements and Lemba Archaeological sites are among the places worth seeing in Kissonerga, which has rare settlements belonging to the Copper Age.

During your stay in Kissonerga, you can get to the well-known Coral Bay Beach, which is only 4 kilometers away from the town, by renting a car or taking public buses. The village is also known for its colorful nightlife. In Kissonerga, you can stop by the traditional taverns, where you can taste the delicious Cyprus and Mediterranean dishes. The closest airport to Kissonerga is Paphos International Airport, which is 8 kilometers away from the town center.

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