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Although Killarney, which is known as the tourism paradise of Ireland, has a small surface area, it offers many different kinds of activities. There are budget-friendly accommodation alternatives in Killarney which has hospitable and friendly people. Killarney National Park where you can take long walks in touch with nature covers an area of 26 thousand hectares and offers unique views of the lakes. If you want to watch the view from a higher place, you can visit the Ross Castle which will hypnotize you with its history and architecture. From here, you can enjoy watching around from a bird’s eye perspective. Since Killarney is a small town, it is possible to walk anywhere in the town. While enjoying the beauties offered by the nature, you can take photos of the castles, houses and many structures bearing traces from the past. Fainna na Locha, Cruach Mhor, Strickeen and Galway Bridge are among the other places to visit in the city. You can join paintball tournaments and enjoy trekking or mountain climbing in Killarney where there are plenty of entertaining activity alternatives. You also have the opportunity to ride a horse in Muckross Traditional Farms. If you want to experience adventurous moments in the Killarney canyons where you can see wonderful natural formations, you can choose rafting. By joining a canoe tour, you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere on the river and also see Ross Castle. In the center of Killarney, there are many souvenir shops. In Killarney, which is easily accessible from many cities of Ireland, the winter months are incredibly cold. The best time to visit the town is the spring months and summer seasons.

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