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Jihlava is located on the historic mountainous border between Bohemia and Moravia, and is the trade, industrial and cultural capital of the Vysocina region, in the Czech Republic. In the year 799 the discovery of the silver was mined in Jihlava but officially the city was founded in 1240 as the oldest mining city in Czech Reublic, but the city of Kutna Hora is also of great importance for mining in the country. The city is not only in the field of mining, but also in the textile industry, machine production and woodwork. Walking through the cobbled streets of the city you will see about 200 old buildings built between the 13th and 16th centuries and they are still preserved today. With its historical texture, the city has been flocked by tourists every year. The Baroque and Gothic churches that make up the Central European architecture and the town hall are the most influential buildings. In particular, the Masarykovo Square, which draws attention with its colourful historic architecture buidings. In Jakubske Square the St. Jacob the Greater Church is a magnificent sight with its 63 meter high steple and is useD as an outlook tower today. The Holy Mother Gate, which is a part of the medieval walls is considered the symbol of the city and is located in this part of the city. One of the most impressive features of the city is the maze like underground tunnels. The total length of the tunnels is 25 kilometers. and the Jihlava underground cellars descend down to 18 meters deep and date back to the Middle Ages. These cellars pass under almost every house lined up around the main square. Near the Jihlavka River, which is in the middle of the city, there is a city zoo where you can see many species of animals. The long cycle route to Austria from the city is also impressive. This road which is of a distance of about 110 kilometers, continues from Jihlava to Raabs an der Thaya. Znojemska Street was home of the famous Austrian composer Gustav Mahler and he and his family were buried in the ancient Jewish cemetery and its a frequented visited place in the city. In Jihlava you can walk on foot or you can ride on the public transport trolleybuses. The nearest international airport to Jihlava is Pardubice Airport which is 92 kilometers away. Another airport is Brno Turany Airport which is 95 kilometers away. You can travel to the city center by airport shuttle or by bus, taxi, or by rental cars.

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