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Jalalabad city is located in the eastern part of Afghanistan which has a population of approximately 1 million people. Jalalabad is the capital of the Nangarhar province and shares borders with Pakistan's Peshawar city and Kabul. Also known as Dzalalabad, Jalalabad has an excellent location at the junction of the Kabul River and the Kunar River. Jalalabad is the 5th largest city in Afghanistan. In terms of surface area in total it covers an area of ​​12,796 hectares and contains 6 districts within its borders. It is interesting that in Jalalabad the majority of all its people are Muslims but is home to several Hindu temples. The best time to visit the city, which experiences a hot desert climate, is January, February, March and April, when the temperature is around 15-22 degrees celsius. Jalalabad Airport provides transportation services for both civil and military flights and can be reached by direct flights from Turkey. You can also travel to Jalalabad by train from many cities in Pakistan.

One of the most visited places in Jalalabad is Nimla Gardens which is located approximately 40 km from the city center. It was laid out in 1610 by the Mughal emperor Jehangir. Nimla Gardens has an architectural style of Chahar Bagh and includes water canals, fountains and walkways etc. The Nimla Gardens were rehabilitated by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and every year in mid-April the Waisak Festival is held which is attended by Afghans and Hindus. After visiting the park, you can turn your direction to the Seraj-ul Emorat Gardens which was built in 1910. The Seraj-ul Emorat Gardens hosts the Mushaira Festival every year in mid-April and is a unique place where you will encounter orange trees, music concerts and picnic areas. Located between Seraj-ul Emorat and the Kabul River is Kawkab Garden which is famous for its breathtaking sunset views.

Located in the southeastern fringe of Jalalabad, Ghazi Amanullah Town is considered one of the most beautiful towns of Afghanistan without a doubt and will be one of the unforgettable stops of your city tour. In history Ghazi Amanullah Town is Afghanistan's first, largest and most modern district and we recommend that you spare at least 1 day to visit the entire area. Fishing and swimming are among the most popular activities in Jalalabad. Other places to add to your list of places to visit in Jalalabad are as follows: Darwanta DAM, where you can taste fresh fish and spend time in touch with nature, Zwanono Park which is also known as Youth Park, Shirzai Stadium, the magnificent palace called Shahi Qasar, Hada Museum located in the south of the city and Handi Craft, Mangee and Pakool - Waskat, where you can buy local souvenirs. Pakora which is located on Hindu Street, is among the most famous eating and drinking places of the city.

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