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Located in the Eastern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove is the eighth largest city of the country. It’s 50 kilometers away from Polish border and 120 kilometers away from Prague, in the region where the Elbe and Orlice rivers meet. The city is a place of art and culture and has a calm and quiet atmosphere. Established as a Slavic settlement in the 10th century Hradec Kralove has a rich history. It was one of the most valuable villages in the Middle Ages, and became a city as levels of education rose in the 14th century. It was around this time that it established a political and military identity.

It’s one of the most important cities in Eastern Bohemia and is also known as the 'city under the White Tower'. The architecture in Hradec Kralove is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, in which you can also find works by Jan Kotera, the renowned urban architect. You can follow the historical development of the city in the Eastern Bohemia Museum, built by Jan Kotera in 1908. The Gothic Cathedral Svateho Ducha (Holy Spirit Cathedral) was built in the early 14th century and is right next to the 727 meters high White Tower built in 1572. Both of these structures are situated on the meeting point of the Great Square, where festivals are usually organized. You can have feast on art in the Modern Art Gallery or have some aquatic fun in the big aquarium at the aqua center. You can go for walks along the ancient streets and take rests and relax in the lush parks. The city is also home to dozens of annual international congresses, symposiums and festivals. You can enjoy the colorful atmosphere and enthusiasm of the music festivals if you’re lucky enough to visit during one of them.

The closest airport to Hradec Kralove is Pradubice Airport, which is 27 kilometers away. There buses, taxis, and other transfer services that you can use to get to the city.

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