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Hajduszoboszlo, in the Pannonian, or Great, Plain region of Eastern Hungary, is famous for its thermal springs and known as the ‘sacred town of rheumatism’. There are dozens of modern facilities in the town. It started to attract more and more visitors with the discovery of the thermal springs in 1972, and as the effectiveness of thermal waters was proven to have positive effects on many illnesses, In particularly gynecological and bone related diseases. These facilities form one of the most impressive thermal sites in Europe; a complex of various medical and thermal baths, open indoor steam pools, hamams, and Aquaparks spreading over 30 hectares.

There are also places of interest in the town besides the spa facilities. Debrecen, one of the largest cities in Hungary, is very close to Hajduszoboszlo. It has a chirping atmosphere because it’s a university town. There's a Flower Carnival every August that offers many fun activities. If you happen to come by during this time you'll see wagons adorned with flowers going around town. It's also possible to visit the zoo that’s in the wooded area of ​​the town, and the large temple that’s on the main square.

If you want to be active and out in nature during your visit to Hajduszoboszlo then you can go trekking, bird watching, and do some photography in the Hortobagy Natural Park.

The closest airport to Hajduszoboszlo is Debrecen International Airport, which is 26 kilometers away. You can reach Hajduszoboszlo from the airport by bus, taxis, and airline or hotel shuttle services transfers.

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