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Surrounded by Sawtooth and Challis forests in the middle of the Wood River Valley, Hailey is an American city connected to the state of Idaho. Afro American, Indian, Asian and White people, as well as a small group of migrants from the Pacific, constitute the population of the city which is around eight thousand.

The city began to revitalize with the discovery of mines at the end of the 1800s. However, the economic revolution happened when ranching started. The number of herds grown in the untouched Wood River Valley increased day by day and in 1920 it became the United States' largest cattle-breeding zone. Although the number of livestock farms has decreased in recent years, the city organizes the Autumn Sheep Festival in order to preserve this culture.

Bike tours and horse riding excursions to the Sawtooth and Challis forests around Hailey attract tourists. The Blain County Historical Museum exhibits the historical characters and common heritage of first families who came and settled in the Wood River Valley.

While there are seasonal flights from Friedman Memorial Airport to Los Angeles and Oakland, there are both direct and continuous flights to Salt Lake City, Boise and Seattle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Hailey?

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To which airport are the flights to Hailey arranged?

Hailey flights are organized to Friedman Memorial  Airport.