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About Hafnarfjordur

Hafnarfjörður, which is located about 10 kilometers southwest of Reykjavik's city center, is one of towns in Iceland that are famous for its tranquil life. This town with its population of approximately thirty thousand has become an important settlement within the island by continuing its development from the past to the present thanks to fishing and trade.

The people, who settled here in order to live a better life, have increasingly developed the town. Today, Hafnarfjörður manages to become one of the leading culture and art centers in Iceland. The pretty houses that you will encounter while walking down the streets are colorful in contrast to the weather that is usually closed. Nowadays, aluminum production and tourism have an important place for the region. Although there are many enjoyable activities in the surrounding area of the district, you can even come to Hafnarfjörður just for seeing its dizzying nature. The harbor area, which always maintains its vitality, is an ideal place for hiking.

The town undoubtedly experiences one of its most beautiful periods thanks to the trees decorated with lights at Christmas time. You can have a picnic with your family on the days when the weather is convenient in the Hellisgerði Botanical Garden located in Hafnarfjörður and its surrounding area. There is also a cafe where you can have a drink while visiting the botanical garden, which has very interesting plant species. In the geothermal region known as Seltún-Krýsuvík, you can see the spring waters coming out of the rocks.

If you want to make your trip to Hafnarfjörður more enjoyable, you can ride a horse in the area, photograph the wonders of the splendid nature and climb. Blue Lagoon, which is one of Iceland's most famous touristic sights, is about 30 minutes away. You can enjoy a day trip here easily.

Hafnarfjörður is also famous for its delicious flavors. There are meat soup, hamburgers and, of course, fish dishes that should be definitely tasted. You can always taste fresh fish and seafood here.

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