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Great Yarmouth, which is often known to locals as Yarmouth, is located in Norfolk region of England. Yarmouth, whose population is about 70 thousand, was known as a small fishing village for a long time in the history. The town, which entered into the process of development after the 20th century, made significant progress with the discovery of oil resources in the region.

Yarmouth founded on the East of England coast attracts visitors from many regions of the country with the coming of summer. The coastal road covering a large area is great for walking on a warm day. The heart of the region beats around Regent Road famous for its colorful places. The building of the former Royal Naval Hospital and Britannia Monument are among the points to see in Great Yarmouth. If you are travelling with your family, you should visit the Pleasure Beach offering entertaining moments especially for children. Sea Life Centre provides the opportunity to experience the interesting underwater life. Great Yarmouth, which is described as “the finest place in the universe” in the David Copperfield novel of Charles Dickens, is undoubtedly very important for the fans of the writer.

Great Yarmouth, which has become famous as a seaside town since the 18th century, has begun to attract more tourists with the establishment of the railway network.

The region known for its entertaining life is also very good in terms of sports. It is very entertaining to watch the matches of Great Yarmouth Town the football team known as Bloaters. You can swim in the large swimming pool in the region or watch the amazing view on the coast by running.

For the transportation to the region, you can use the trains or buses which operate all year round. It is very easy and comfortable to travel to the station in the center from Norwich. The buses can be used for travelling to places like Martham, Gorleston, Hemsby and Bradwell.

It is not possible to talk about a special cuisine culture in Great Yarmouth. However, you can enjoy tasting the French fries in company with the local beers at any time of the day. Moreover, with the effect of its seaside location, tastes such as fresh fish and calamari are very popular among the Yarmouth residents and visitors.

If you visit the region during the Christmas Market period beginning at the end of December and continuing until the new year, you will feel like you are very lucky. It is also great to discover the Great Yarmouth streets offering a wonderful view with illuminations and decorations before Christmas.

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