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Galati is one of the 7 largest cities in Romania and is located on the border of Moldova. The city fascinates people with its green nature and the cities temperature reaches up to 40 degrees in the summer and drops down to below freezing in the winter. The best time to visit Galati and its surrounding areas is undoubtedly the autumn and spring months when the temperatures are warm. In these months the average temperature is around 25 degrees and so you can easily visit places. To reach the city Galati you can fly to Bucharest which is the capital of Romania and then travel to Galati by the highway road. Bucharest is the main point of connection to many places in the country. It is possible to travel by plane from all over Europe. As an alternative to the highway road, if you wish you have a chance to easily come to Galati by train. Along the Danube River, Galati is not a rich place for historic buildings. On the other hand, the history of the city dates back centuries. Finds found from the Bronze Age are evidence that the history of the city dates back to much earlier times. The artifacts from that period in the region, point to the Byzantine influence. The city which became a major commercial port in the Ottoman period was one of the main centers connecting Europe and Asia. During the first and second world wars most of the historic buildings in Galati were bombed by opposing countries. On the other hand, some remains from the past can still be found at different points in the city. When you come to Galati you should definitely visit the old cathedral which was built in the early years of the 20th century and the cathedral has been under construction for a long time. The Church of the Holy Virgin which is a typical example of the Romanian style churches is the oldest historical building in the city and certainly worth a visit. If you enjoy spending time in the parks and the botanical gardens surrounded by ponds Galati is the right place to visit. You can enjoy pleasant walks on the lake shore in the city park and in the botanical garden you can enjoy strolling among the interesting plants. In addition to the garden that houses thousands of different species of trees and flowers, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the city which dates back to past centuries is among the places to visit. The city is not very large and well developed, but it is ideal especially for a few days of sightseeing in the spring.

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