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Located near the German border in the Czech Republic, Frantiskovy Lazne is a city defined by the famous German author Goethe as 'paradise on earth'. The foundation of the city, which is the first mud bath in the world, was in the 18th century, during the reign of Austrian Emperor 1st Franz. The city is also named after the emperor founder. It is said that the artists such as Johann Strauss, Kafka and Beethoven were treated in the mud baths of Frantiskovy Lazne, the smallest of the three main Bohemian spas. The city's spas were opened in 1793 and it is good for problems such as cardiovascular diseases and infertility in addition to muscular and skeletal system. The city’s symbol is a little boy sculpture, just like in Brussels in Belgium, called Frantisek which is believed to have miraculous powers. Another feature of the city, along with its famous spas, is the historical buildings that can be considered as architectural masterpieces. Kynzvart Castle, Premonstratensian Monastery, Seeberg Castle are just a few of these. The Singing Fountain, the Butterfly House and the Czech Republic's second largest historical library are also places to visit in the city.

Cheb, known for its castles about 5 kilometers outside of Frantiskovy Lazne, is a different atmosphere with the half-timbered houses. Since the city is located between the protected landscape area and the nature park, you can feel the texture of nature in its parks. The city's bicycle routes and hiking trails can also be used to explore the beauty of the city. There are many art galleries and museums in the region. Activities such as the opening of the spa season and the jazz festival color the atmosphere.

If you want to come to Frantiskovy Lazne by air, the nearest airport is Karlovy Vary Airport which is 55 kilometers away. You can travel this distance by taking a bus or taxi or renting a car.

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