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Franschhoek is located in about 80 km east of Cape Town, one of the capital cities, at the southwestern end of the Republic of South Africa. A small town with the population of around 20 thousand people, Franschhoek is surrounded by mountains and founded in a green valley decorated with ponds.

A large number of farms and farmhouses are seen in Franschhoek, the economy of which has relied on agriculture so far. In recent past, a big part of these farms has been transformed into vineyards and farmhouses into wineries. Today, Franschhoek is very assertive about wine and it is particularly suggested that the city visitors see the wine houses and try the local wines. Franschhoek, considered among the significant gastronomy centers of the country, is also good at cheese and bread production and varieties, and there are many restaurants offering quality food within the city. Trekking, bicycle tour in the valley and fishing on the lake are the major activities you can perform in Franschhoek. Franschhoek Wine Tram is the ideal way of transportation for a pleasant city tour and it is definitely recommended for the visitors.

Franschhoek has a climate similar to the Mediterranean climate. Cold and rainy winters are observed following long, dry and hot summers in the city. The temperature rises up to 40 degrees in summers; therefore, you should wear clothes that protect you from the sun but keep you cool and drink a lot of water. Because the autumn months, which turn into a visual feast with the richness of the color tones of the trees, are neither so cold nor hot, they are considered as the most appropriate time to visit Franschhoek.

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