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About Fort Yukon

Fort Yukon, located in the Alaska state of the United States of America, is more like a village with its ​​only 20 square meters of residential area, small houses and a few supermarkets and restaurants. The city is established just on the banks of the Yukon River, and is named after this river. The number of people living in Fort Yukon today is not even 700, and almost all of the population is made up of indigenous peoples of the Gujian Tribe. The city's largest livelihood is fur trade.

Fort Yukon has a significant continental climate. The winter months pass very hard and cold. There is snow all year round except for July and August. The highest temperature in July is 16-17 degrees Celsius. People who are going to the city should take into consideration these cold weather conditions and the harsh winds and be prepared accordingly.

Since Fort Yukon's surface area is not large, it's easy to walk around the city. The surrounding villages and towns are mainly reached by river boats that travel on the Yukon River. For longer distances, the airport in the city is being used extensively.

Serving in a small wooden building since 1898, St. Stephan's Episcopal Church is the landmark of the city. Fresh fruits and vegetables are difficult to find due to the climatic conditions and are deemed as valuable, while game meat is widely used in meals. Wildlife tours, season fishing, trekking and winter sports can be done in the area where Fort Yukon is located. However, there are not many professional companies for these, so you should usually organize your activities yourself or ask for help from the local community.

The most important feature that brings Fort Yukon to attention is its geographical location. The city is located above the Arctic Circle; for this reason it is one of the transit points of the Arctic Circle tours. The residential area has a wonderful atmosphere to watch the northern lights thanks to its spacious and flat land with mountain and river views.

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