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About Faaborg

Faaborg is a former port city in the Faaborg Fjord on the island of Funen in Denmark. With its busy harbor, narrow streets and extremely attractive old houses, the city is one of the popular destinations for tourists, especially in the summer season.

Thanks to its stunning architecture and mosaic floor, the Faaborg Museum offers a charming atmosphere from the moment you enter into. In this museum, there are exhibitions of contemporary period painting and sculpture, as well as contemporary works of art. With its extraordinary architecture, Horne Kirke is regarded as the only round shaped church in Denmark. In the backyard of the church, there is a mini maze. The reason for the existence of this labyrinth is not to find the exit but to make a meditative journey

In the market square located in the center of Faaborg, you can find yourself in a courtroom in the Gaol Museum. Since you are free to animate here, you can organize your own court. You should definitely try Svanninge Bjerge for a walk or a cycling tour in the nature with excellent views.

You may need to make a considerable budget for a good dining at Faaborg, where you can also find Asian, Thai and European cuisine alternatives in addition to local dishes.

The best time to travel to Faaborg is the period between May and September.

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