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About Evora

Évora, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, is a city in Alentejo region of Portugal. It is estimated that the history of the city, which was ruled by the Romans in the 50 BC, dates back to 5 thousand years ago. The city, which was once under control of Moroccan and French forces, is home to fascinating structures remaining from the Roman period and Middle Age.

The Roman Temple of Évora, which is one of the oldest historical structures of the city, is believed to be built on behalf of Augustus, the great emperor of the Roman Empire. The monument, which has survived until today, attracts attention of history enthusiasts and Capela dos Ossos Church is a place to visit with its architectural structure and historical texture. Évora Museum is home to historical artifacts bearing the traces of all ethnic groups that lived in the city.

In the city, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, the temperate in the summer season can exceed 30 degrees. The temperature doesn’t drop below 10 degrees in the winter season.

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