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Located in Costa del Sol, Estepona is one of the most touristic destinations in Spain. Estepona, having historic buildings of Andalusia and plenty of beautiful beaches, hosts Moorish architecture as well. In Estepona, one of the prettiest fishing town in Salduba and Silniana, it is worth seeing the streets with cobblestone pavements, a small fishing port, Spanish cafes with fireplaces, authentic shops, tourist facilities and golden sand beaches. Estepona is located in the west end of Costa del Sol, and on the mountainside of The Sierra Bermeja mountain range, is also 50 minutes away from the Malaga city centre. You can easily arrive Estepona from Gibraltar Airport. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, boutique confectionary, La Duquesa Marina and accommodation facilities that suit every pockets on the road to San Roque direction. La Duquesa golf course is also one of the most visited places of the town. Carreterra coast road, Casares, Jubrique, Genaguacil and Manilva around Hedionda Roman Baths, Gibraltar and Algeciras, which are 40-45 minute-car drive away from Estepona, are some other places nearby that can be visited during your vacation. Besides, you can go to Morocco for one-day trip by taking a ferry to experience both European and African culture at the same time. Estepona was named after Epone, the Celtic goddess, and is an ideal place for cultural and historic discoveries as well. If you are interested in monuments and archaeological discoveries, you can visit many interesting ancient areas, including the remains of Castillo de Nicio. Reloj (observation tower) is said to be one of the most religious monuments in Costa del Sol. Las Ruinas del Castillo de San Luis is the remains of Estepona city and Plaza de las Flores. These two attractions are also visited by hundreds of thousands foreign and domestic tourists each year.

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